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Highlighting the Electronic Supply Chain Issues

SRE Ottawa was pleased to host Titu Botos, CEO of NeuronicWorks Inc., North York, Ontario, Canada for a presentation titled "Electronic component shortages and the domino effect on product development" during out monthly meeting#338.

Titu gave the audience a rare insight into the complex logistic network that underpins the modern electronics industry. With the prevalence of electronics being used in all products for control systems and smart usage, the global demand is high. This has led to electronic foundries, chip manufacturers, and assemblers to scale up and establish network of various magnitude.

Because of the interconnectedness of this network, a single external impact like the pandemic or shipping mishap can have a domino effect that will be felt by all. Titu showed a detailed view of this impact and its severity for design engineers in the electronic industry.

To view a recorded presentation of this topic, contact us or join SRE Ottawa.

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