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A multipronged approach to Monorail Safety

SRE Ottawa hosted James Li, RAMS Engineering Lead, Parsons Inc., Kingston, Canada on October 27, 2021, during its seminar event#335. James presented the group on the topic of A Glance at Monorail System Safety, and lead an active discussion on the various safety analysis tools available for Reliability Engineers.

Monorails have found a niche segment in the public transportation plans of major cities and commercial sites. James underscored the importance of Safety in the design of any complex system and the simplicity of monorail is deceiving its need to have a breadth of analyses done. The industry has developed the Monorail Transit System Safety (MTSS) philosophy to address the potential hazards. Combined with the standards established, this calls for the application of a variety of safety analysis tools such as System Safety Program Plan, Hazard Analysis, Fault Trees, FMEA, Sneak Circuit Analysis, Common Cause Failure Analysis, Software Safety Assessment.

These tools are used in different phases of the product design cycle to appropriately capture the safety risks of each system/component/interaction. Completion of these analyses then starts the approval process that independently verifies the assessment and gives the final nod for the designed monorail system to be installed. As evident from the presentation, there are many ways to conduct a safety assessment of a monorail system and it gives the engineers working on these to use their experience in choosing the optimal tools. For more information on how to apply these tools or any safety-related questions, contact us to get access to James Li's presentation recording.

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